The Constitutions of Web3

The Constitutions of Web3


This paper synthesizes data on digital constitutions for web3 communities and produces from it a framework for considering and building such constitutions.

A Digital Constitution here is considered (based on Redeker et al, 2018) as a body of text and norms. This is to be put in contrast with a Computational Constitution which is stemming from smart contracts (Zargham et al, 2021).

Digital constitution are broken down and structured following:

  • Goals: any of:
    • Create technology.
    • Spread technology.
    • Create community.
  • Values: any of:
    • Open.
    • Inclusive.
    • Free.
    • Decentralization.
  • Rights.

Rights are operational, and can be implemented in smarty contracts (exit, vote…).



Govbase is a warehouse of qualitative and quantitative data sets relating to the governance of online communities.

It is regularly updated as of end of 2023.

Constitution template

Template drawing on data and synthetic effort mentioned in the paper.

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